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Best Student Paper/Presentation Award


In 2011 the IRMMW-THz Society Board voted to implement an annual "Best Student Paper Prize" to recognize original contributions to the conference from outstanding student attendees. A cash prize is awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place papers through a committee selection and voting process.


Selection Process

Candidates may apply for the award when they upload their conference Abstracts. If they have more than one submission, students must choose only ONE paper for consideration.

To qualify, candidates must be full time students at the time of Abstract submission, they must have been fully responsible for the work that is being judged, and, if selected as finalists, they must have a letter or statement from their advisor that verifies their status as a student and their responsibility for the paper.;

The International Advisory Board will review all the entries and forward selected abstracts to the student prize committee for consideration. The prize committee will then shortlist 6 candidates for individual presentations to the committee during the 2014 conference. Advisor letters (as stated above) will be solicited from the finalists after their selection. Each candidate must present his/her paper in person at the session.

The time and location of the presentations will be communicated to the six finalists well in advance of the conference. All finalists are expected to attend the conference and make their presentations to the prize committee in order to qualify for one of the 3 awards.

Winners are announced at the conference banquet or at one of the Plenary sessions.



Out of 157 candidates, the IAC pre-selected 44 Abstracts for consideration by the IRMMW-THz Society Student Paper Prize Committee. The committee then selected 6 finalists to present their papers to a special session of its members at this year’s conference.  AND THE WINNERS ARE (alphabetical order):

- John Middendorf, Wright State University, 3rd PLACE
"First Demonstration of Photomixing at 1550 nm in ErAs:GaAs", Paper R2/B-30.4

- Katherine Niessen, University at Buffalo, 1st PLACE
"Measurements and Calculations of Protein Intramolecular Vibrations in the THz Range", Paper M4/D-8.5

- Christian B. Schmidt, German National Metrology Institute, RUNNER UP
"Magneto-Optically Induced Currents in GaAs:  Experimental Access to Subpicosecond K-Space Carrier Dynamics", Paper M2/E-9.3

- Pieter de Vieser, TU Delft, RUNNER UP
"Demonstration of an NEP of 3.8x10-19 W/Hz 1/2 at 1.54 THz in Multiplexible Superconducting Microresonator Detectors", Paper R2/A-28.4

- Tianwu Wang, Technical University of Denmark, RUNNER UP
"Time Resolved Broadband Terahertz Relaxation Dynamics of Electron in Water ", Paper W2/C-14.7

- Katsumasa Yoshioka, Yokohama National University, 2nd PLACE
"Nonlinear Response of Au Nanostructures Observed with Intense THz Pulses", Paper T5-P16.4