On-chip Terahertz Spectroscopy Of Magnetoplasmons In A Two-dimensional Electron Gas

Keynote (ELEC 1)

Wed, 11 Nov 2020 05:30pm to 06:00pm

Room: Seneca

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We report observations of magnetoplasmons at frequencies up to 400 GHz in gated two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) at low temperature (~ 2K). We observed bulk magnetoplasmons for frequencies greater than the cyclotron resonance frequency, and attributed resonances occurring at frequencies below the cyclotron resonance to formation of edge magnetoplasmons (EMPs). Our full-wave 3D electromagnetic simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental findings, allowing us to predict the spatial distribution of both bulk and edge magnetoplasmon modes in the 2DEG.

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Parker-Jervis, Rowan; Park, SaeJune; Cunningham, John; Zonetti, Simone; Sydoruk, Oleksiy; Wood, Chris; Wu, Jingbo; Li, Lianhe; Davies, Giles; Linfield, Edmund

Imperial College London, Nanjing University, University of Leeds