Completely Passive Room-Temperature Imaging Of Human Body Radiation Below 1 THz With Field-Effect Transistors

Paper (INDL 4)

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 12:45am to 01:00am

Room: Olmstead

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This work presents to our knowledge the first completely passive imaging of human body radiation below 1 THz at the room temperature without additional illumination or cooling. The successful image shows an impressive sensitivity limit of a terahertz FET detector (TeraFET). We made a 2.7 cm x 4 cm size image of a hand with a spatial resolution of 1 mm and a scanning speed equal to 1 cm^2 /100 s. The SNR is only 2.5 dB and the NETD of the hand radiation at room temperature is 4.8 K.

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Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Čibiraitė-Lukenskienė, Dovilė; Ikamas, Kęstutis; Lisauskas, Tautvydas; Rysiavets, Anastasiya; Krozer, Viktor; Roskos, Hartmut G.; Lisauskas, Alvydas

CENTERA Laboratories, Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Goethe University Frankfurt, Institute of Applied Electrodynamics and Telecommunications, Vilnius University, MB "Terahertz Technologies"