Development Of High-Power Sub-THz Traveling-Wave Tubes With Multiple Sheet Electron Beams

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Thu, 12 Nov 2020 01:15am to 03:00am

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We present the results of studies aimed at development of multiple-sheet-beam microfabricated traveling-wave tubes (TWT) at sub-THz frequency band. The double-tunnel TWT with a meander-line slow-wave structure (SWS) at V-band and the triple-beam TWT with grating SWS at G-band are designed. Technologies for microfabrication of the SWSs are discussed. The results of SWS fabrication and characterization are presented. Multiple-beam electron-optic system is designed and beam transportation in a uniform magnetic field is studied. The results of 3-D PIC calculation of small-signal and large-signal gain are presented.

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Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Ryskin, Nikita; Torgashov, Gennadiy; Torgashov, Roman; Rozhnev, Andrey; Titov, Vladimir; Starodubov, Andrey; Ploskih, Andrey; Zolotykh, Dmitry; Emelianov, Valeriy; Navrotskiy, Igor

RPE Almaz, Saratov Branch, Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Saratov State University