Electro-optic Interface For Ultrasensitive Intra-cavity Electric Field Sensing

Paper (INST7)

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 01:00am to 01:15am

Room: Seneca

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We demonstrate a fibre-coupled, fully monolithic electro-optic coherent interface on the silicon-photonics
platform that senses terahertz electric fields with sub-cycle resolution by means of nonlinear coupling with photons at telecom frequencies. A strong confinement of the terahertz field to a cavity mode enables a coupling strength to sense fields as low as 20 V/m. We discuss the opportunities such platforms provide for sensing of cavity-confined terahertz states at the quantum limit.

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Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Benea-Chelmus, Ileana-Cristina; Salamin, Yannick; Settembrini, Francesca Fabiana; Fedoryshyn, Yuriy; Heni, Wolfgang; Elder, Delwin L.; Dalton, Larry R.; Leuthold, Juerg; Faist, Jerome

Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, Harvard University, IEF, IEF, ETH Zurich, Quantum Optoelectronics Group, ETH Zurich