Enhancement Of Terahertz Spectra By Model-Driven Spectral Shaping Of A Mode-Locked Laser Diode In A Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy System

Paper (OPTO7)

Mon, 09 Nov 2020 05:45pm to 06:00pm

Room: Tesla

We show first results of spectrally shaping the output of a mode-locked laser diode (MLLD) in a THz-TDS system with a programmable optical filter. The coefficients of the programmable optical filter are found with a genetic algorithm based on an analytical model that relates the terahertz spectrum to the spectrum of the MLLD. Different fitness functions let us impress properties on the terahertz spectrum. With the first fitness function, we achieve an increase in signal amplitude of 8 dB at the upper end of the terahertz spectrum. With the second fitness function, we flatten it between 150 and 950 GHz.

Download Abstract: pid6598117_0.pdf