Ex Vivo Sensing And Imaging Of Corneal Scar Tissues Using Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy

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Fri, 13 Nov 2020 01:15am to 03:00am

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Pulsed terahertz (THz) broadband spectroscopy was applied to investigate ex vivo rabbit cornea scar tissues. Scars with different density were created on four corneal samples while untouched corneas were used as control. Time domain spectroscopy and reconstructed images illustrated the scar tissue density and give out depth variation distribution profiles. Calculated absorption coefficient displayed extra absorption peaks compared with control corneas and refractive index showed the optical property changes at the cornea scar location. THz spectroscopy and imaging demonstrated advantages in depicting spatial distribution and composition changes of corneal scar compared with hyperspectral techniques in visible and near infrared region.

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: KE, Lin; Zhang, Nan; Wu, Steve Qing Yang; Teo, Erica Pei Wen; Mehta, Jodhbir S; Liu, Yu Chi

Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Singapore Eye Research Institute,Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre