Improved Radiation Performance Of Gaussian Horn By Modes Selection

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Fri, 13 Nov 2020 01:15am to 03:00am

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Abstract–Gaussian feed horn has important role in reflector antenna. In order to design gaussian horn with better radiation characteristics in millimeter, submillimeter and terahertz frequency, the different circular waveguide aperture fields with the first three kinds of HE1n and EH1n modes commonly compared and analyzed at different mode proportional combination. The theoretical electromagnetic calculation shows the far-field gaussian radiation performance can bring better main beam efficiency values and sidelobe levels, when the gaussian fed horn chooses multiple modes of HE1n. Meanwhile the radiation efforts should be made to reduce any EH1n modes for obtaining better cross-polarization isolation.

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: WANG, Hai; LIU, Xiaoming; YU, Junsheng; CHEN, Xiaodong; YAO, Yuan; LU, Zejian; YANG, Yang; QIAN, Zhengfang

Anhui Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology, Queen Mary University of London, Shenzhen University