Low-noise THz-range Nb Based SIS Receivers For Radio Astronomy

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Mon, 09 Nov 2020 04:00pm to 04:15pm

Room: Tesla

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This repost describes our results on development of low-noise heterodyne THz receivers for ground based and space radio astronomy. Superconductor-insulator-superconductor (SIS) mixers that employ high quality Nb-based tunnel junctions are the key element of the most sensitive heterodyne THz receivers. In particular we present here the SIS receivers for frequency range 211-275 GHz and 800-950 GHz with double sideband (DSB) noise temperature of about 25 K and 220 K, respectively. The latest results on development, fabrication techniques and experimental study of the SIS receivers will be discussed.

Download Abstract: vpk_iree_2_pages.pdf

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Koshelets, Valery; Rudakov, Kirill; Khudchenko, Andrey; Filippenko, Lyudmila; Dmitriev, Pavel; Baryshev, Andrey; Hesper, Ronald

Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen,, Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS