Photon-assisted Tunneling In HBN Encapsulated Graphene Quantum Dot Under Coherent THz Illumination

Paper (MM15)

Tue, 10 Nov 2020 12:45am to 01:00am

Room: Canalside

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We report photon-assisted tunneling in a hBN encapsulated graphene quantum dot under coherent THz illumination. We demonstrate transport assisted by THz photons within the Coulomb blockade regime. We study the dependence on frequencies and intensity of satellite currents generated by THz illumination. Our study opens promising perspectives for the development of quantum devices and for probing light-matter interaction phenomena.

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Messelot, Simon; Riccardi, Elisa; Massabeau, Sylvain; Rosticher, Mickael; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Tignon, Jérôme; Dhillon, Sukhdeep; Feirreira, Robson; Balibar, Sébastien; Kontos, Takis; Mangeney, Juliette

ENS Paris, National Institute for Materials Science