A Photonic Transmitter For Beam Switching In Mm-wave Wireless Links

Paper (INDL 2)

Fri, 13 Nov 2020 12:30am to 12:45am

Room: Kleinhans

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This abstract describes the first design and assembly of a photonically-excited antenna at E-band for beam switching in millimeter-wave wireless links. The designed antenna consists of two arrays of stacked patches, with one photodiode feeding each array. The stacked patch provides an impedance bandwidth larger than 23 % and a stable radiation pattern over the E-band. The array is combined with a lens to increase the overall gain. Excitation of either patch array allows beam steering between ±2.7º for accurate beam alignment.

Download Abstract: pid6415869_pascual.pdf

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Pascual, Alvaro1; Batté, Thomas2; de Sagazan, Olivier1; Carpintero, Guillermo3; Sauleau, Ronan1; González-Ovejero, David1

IETR, INSA, University Carlos III de Madrid