Preliminary Cold Test Of A Terahertz Band Sheet Beam Travelling Wave Tube

Poster (FACIL-P1)

Wed, 11 Nov 2020 01:15am to 03:00am

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A HFS of a terahertz band SB-TWT was nano-CNC machined and preliminary cold tested, which exhibited satisfactory processing and measurement results. In the near future, the dispersion curve of the SWS and the electromagnetic characteristics of the HFS with dielectric attenuators would be experimentally characterized at Shenzhen University.

Download Abstract: guoxiangshu_irmmw2020_0.pdf

Presenters and Authors Info

Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Shu, Guoxiang; Deng, Junzhe; Lin, Jujian; Chen, Lijian; Huang, Zhijie; Hua, Xueliang; Liu, Guo; He, Wenlong

Shenzhen University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China