Room Temperature Heterodyne Detection Up To 70GHz With Antenna-coupled Quantum-well Photodetectors Operating At 10um

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Tue, 10 Nov 2020 06:00pm to 06:15pm

Room: Tesla

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We exploit a ~350nm-thick GaAs/Al0.2Ga0.8As multi-quantum-well heterostructure to demonstrate heterodyne detection at 10.3um wavelength with a nearly flat frequency response up to 70GHz at room temperature, solely limited by the measurement system bandwidth. To minimize its capacitance, the device architecture relies on a 2D-array of electrically connected, sub-wavelength antenna resonators, yielding a total detector active area < 90um2 (C < ~30fF), while keeping a radiation collection area of ~360um2. Broadband RF access to the array is provided by an integrated, coplanar waveguide connected through air-bridges. We obtain responsivities of ~0.15A/W and ~1.5A/W at 300K and 77K respectively.

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Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Lin, Quyang; Hakl, Michael; Lampin, Jean-Francois; Pirotta, Stefano; Colombelli, Raffaele; Wan, W. J.; Cao, J. C.; Li, Hua; Peytavit, Emilien; BARBIERI, Stefano

3Key Laboratory of Terahertz Solid State Technology, C2N Laboratory and CNRS, IEMN Laboratory and CNRS, IEMN Laboratory and University of Lille, Key Laboratory of Terahertz Solid State Technology, Laboratoire IEMN - CNRS