Terahertz Time-domain Attenuated Total Reflection Spectroscopy Using Flow-through Method For Continuous Analysis Of Dehydration Process

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Mon, 09 Nov 2020 06:00pm to 06:15pm

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In the present paper, we present a novel process monitoring method for dehydration of ethanol, based on the terahertz time-domain total attenuated reflection spectroscopy (THz-ATR) system that can be used for measurement of an optical constant while circulating through the ATR surface. Based on the obtained results, we observed a significantly close relationship between the moisture content in ethanol and the refractive index in the THz range. The proposed system successfully evaluated the dehydration of ethanol rapidly and non-destructively. This method is expected to contribute into real-time measurements related to the chemical reactions for the quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Presenter: Anonymous

Authors: Horita, Kazuki; Akiyama, Koichiro; Sakamoto, Tomoaki; Takahashi, Kazuhiro; Satozono, Hiroshi

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., National Institute of Health Sciences