Conference Registration

Registration is now open!

To access the registration and submission portal click here.                                            

Presenter:                                                                    $75
Registration deadline October 26, 2020

Exhibitor:                                                                     $150
Registration deadline October 26, 2020

Attendee:                                                                     Free
We highly recommend to register by November 6, 2020.


  • If you register after these dates, you may experience signficant delays in your access to the virtual sessions.
  • It is imperative that presenters and exhibitors register by the deadline. Registration would enable access to the virtual conference site, and therefore uploading access of backup video and/or poster pdf. 


Details on registrations and fees

Presenter Registration
Each abstract to be presented (either oral or poster) requires a presentation fee of $75 USD . This registration includes presentation and publication of abstracts and full access to the virtual conference. Upon registering, the presenter will be given upload and presenter privileges on the conference website.  

Publication of Proceedings Requirements
All presentations (oral and poster) are to be presented live (pre recorded video is required before conference to be used in case of connection difficulties).

Two-page extended abstract must be submitted by September 4, 2020.

Oral Presentation General Format:  The talk will be given via webinar format. To ensure continuity in the program if there are technical issues at the presenter’s end, we request prerecorded videos for each abstract.      

Poster Presentations:  Posters will be presented live via Remo.  Before the conference, presenters will upload a pdf of their poster in the virtual schedule to allow attendees browsing access.  Immediately before the poster session, presentation materials should be uploaded to the assigned virtual poster booth whiteboard.  You can and are encouraged to  browse poster booths of others in the virtual hall, but you will need to reupload your white board materials when you return to your booth.

Exhibitor Registration:  A parallel session will be run during the technical sessions with Remo.  $150 USD

Attendee Registration:  access to all live webinar and zoom events.  Free

General Statement on recorded presentations: 
For those presenters who give their permission, we will record their presentation and post on the conference site after the conference has concluded. 

Cancellation of Registration

-Until October 16, 2020 you may cancel your registration less a 15% processing fee.

-After October 16, 2020 there will be no refunds.