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Society Prizes

IRMMW-THz Society Exceptional Service Award  

In 2010 the IRMMW-THz Society Board voted to institute an annual award honoring Exceptional Service to the Society and the IRMMW-THz Community at large. This award recognizes a single individual who has contributed continuously, and over a long period of time, to the goals of the IRMMW-THz Society and to the expansion of influence and organization of our technical community. The prize consists of a certificate, a compendium of all past IRMMW-THz conference brochures, and a waiver of the registration fee for attendance at the conference for the year in which the award is given. Nominations are open to anyone from the IRMMW-THz community. Winners are selected by vote of the IRMMW-THz International Organizing Committee at the conference which precedes the award. Nominations are open two months prior to the conference, and consist of a nominee name and affiliation and short write up describing the relevant contributions that would warrant receipt of the award (no CV's or paper lists, please, this is a Community Service award). Nominations should be sent to the IRMMW-THz General Secretary: Peter H. Siegel at Winners will be announced at the IRMMW-THz Conference Banquet each year.

THE 2017 RECIPIENT IS PROFESSOR MANFRED THUMM, Karlsruhe University, Germany!

The first (2011) recipient of the IRMMW-THz Exceptional Service Award was Professor Rick Temkin of MIT, USA. His dedication reads:
"This compilation of IRMMW conference brochures is dedicated to you, Richard J. Temkin, in grateful recognition of so many years of dedicated service to the conference series, the community which it serves, and the many past, present and future members of the International and Local Organizing Committees. No one in our community has given more and contributed so selflessly to help so many. We are eternally grateful. From your colleagues and friends on the board of the 2010 International Society of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves" 


2012: Professor Terrence Parker, University of Colchester, UK.

2013: Professor Michael von Ortenberg of Humboldt University, Germany.

2014: Dr. Peter H. Siegel of California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA.

2015: Professor Koji Mizuno of Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

2016: Professor Shenggang Liu of UESTC, Chengdu, China

2017: Professor Manfred Thumm of Karlsruhe University, Germany


The IRMMW-THz Conference Best Student Paper Awards

In 2011 the IRMMW-THz Society Board voted to implement an annual "Best Student Paper Prize" to recognize original contributions to the conference from outstanding student attendees. The prize is awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place papers through a committee selection and voting process. Each candidate must present his/her paper to the awards review committee at the conference during which the award is presented. Winners are announced at the banquet or at one of the conference Plenary sessions. Entry rules and procedures are posted on the local conference website in advance of the final paper submission deadline. Candidates may submit their entry when they upload their abstract.


The Student Paper Prize Commitee was Chaired by Dr. Nuria Llombart-Juan of Technical University Delft, Netherlands. The committee selected 6 finalists to present their papers to a special session of its members at the conference in Copenhagen. The winners were announced at the conference banquet and will appear here shortly:

Markus Rösch, "On-chip Terahertz Dual-comb Source Based On Quantum Cascade Lasers", paper M3E.1

Marco Fischer, "Germanium Plasmonic Nanoantennas For Third-Harmonic Generation In The Mid Infrared", paper T2A.4

Gian Lorenzo Paravicini-Bagliani, "Gate Tunable Magneto-Plasmon Ultrastrongly Coupled To LC Cavity", paper T2C.5

RUNNER UPS (Alphabetically)
David Bacon, "Pump-Probe Measurements Of Gain In A Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser", paper M2E.2
Stefan Malz, "Towards Passive Imaging With CMOS THz Cameras", paper W2A.4
Lara Wimmer, " Electron Pulse Reshaping By THz Streaking At Metal Nanotips ", paper T2A.3
Special runner up (not presented due to Visa issue):
M. Mahdi Assefzadeh, " Broadband 0.03-1.032THz Signal Generation And Radiation Based On A Fully-Integrated 4×2 Impulse Radiating Array In 90nm SiGe BiCMOS", paper F2C.1